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I had the opportunity to use instruments from for several years in the classroom and on stage. During this time, I was able to teach using their flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet and trombone during my instrumental music lessons. As a trumpet player, I was very pleased with the quality of sound from these instruments. The warm, open sound and even intonation throughout the trumpet’s range were particularly impressive. As for quality of construction, the trumpet I used from held up as good or better than brands twice as expensive. It was also a pleasure to see how free these instruments played in the hands of a beginning instrumentalist. It certainly made my job a lot easier!

School Band Director, Professional Trumpet Player, and Teacher

About the Baritone Horn

The baritone horn is a member of the brass family. Also known simply as the “baritone”, it is similar to the trumpet or trombone, as it uses a large mouthpiece.

The most common place to find a baritone horn today is in college and high school bands.

Producing a tone that can only be described as mellow, it uses its three front valves and curved bell at the end to create a perfect tone that lies between the trombone & euphonium.