Clarinet Rental Form

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1. RENTAL OPTIONS/PERIODS: Full rental and re-rental credit card payments shall be made in advance. Please note that NO REFUNDS will be given should the instrument be returned prior to the end of each rental period, unless another agreement is made. Returns made after rental period will be subject to a prorated daily rate. All returns must be received before the new annual rental period. Upon renewing the contract Rental, LLC. will give two additional months i.e. July and August free of charge. When an instrument is not returned before the end of the rental period Rental Instrument, LLC. reserves the right to assume renewal of contract, meaning the customer will be charged for another full year.  When the customer pays for ten (10) months (September through June), Rental Instrument, LLC. will add two (2) free months (July and August) giving the customer twelve (12) months for the price of ten (10).

2. RENT TO OWN OPTION: The flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone horn, and french horn qualify for the RENT THREE YEARS – KEEP FOR LIFE program on A Line Instruments only. All other Instruments will need written pre-authorization from Rental Instrument, LLC.. The renter reserves the right to purchase the Instrument with a ten percent (10%) discount on the remaining three (3) year balance.

3. TITLE: The title to the Instrument is solely owned by Rental Instrument, LLC. The customer will not loan, sell, transfer, assign, or encumber our interest in this Rental Agreement and this rented instrument.

4. RIGHT TO DECLINE OR TERMINATE: Rental Instrument, LLC. reserves the right to decline or terminate the Rental Agreement at any time without notice or cause. We reserve the right to request an instrument return during the course of the rental agreement.

5. DAMAGE INSURANCE: RENTAL INSTRUMENT, LLC. OFFERS INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR DAMAGE. The insurance coverage offered is subject to the following: Insurance WILL cover the following Items: Accidental dropping of instruments, minor dents, stuck valves, keys, ripped corks, and mouth pieces. All parts must be presented at the time of the repair. Insurance WILL NOT cover the following items: Reeds, cork grease, valve, straps, slide oils, deep scratches, cleaning. Impact due to abnormal handling of the instrument, will be determined by Rental Instrument, LLC..
Any damage to the instrument can only be repaired by Rental Instrument, LLC. damage to the instrument is covered under this insurance up to the retail replacement value of the instrument, after which the instrument will be considered a “total loss.” Rental Instrument, LLC. will provide a loaner instrument, if available, for the duration of the repair at no extra cost. We do not offer theft or loss coverage on any instrument. B. Any damage or breakage of the instrument, will be repaired, to the playing condition at no charge. HOWEVER, insurance will NOT cover damage caused by the mishandling, abuse or neglect of the instrument. Rental Instrument, LLC. will determine whether damage is due to mishandling, abuse, or neglect of the instrument. C. Instruments must be stored in the appropriate climate controlled environment. Damage occurring at home, school, or in a vehicle must be reported to the renter’s home owners policy, municipal insurer, or auto insurer to cover the cost of the damaged instrument. Instruments left on buses, planes, motorcycles and boats or other motorized vehicles will be considered a total loss which Rental Instrument, LLC’s insurance does not covered. D. Claims for repairs or replacements will NOT change the customer’s obligations under the rental or RENT THREE YEARS – KEEP FOR LIFE program. Rent for life payments, may not be transferred to another band instrument. E. Only Rental Instrument, LLC. may reinstate coverage, and no part of coverage will be refunded. F. By declining this insurance coverage, the customer will be responsible for the damage to the rented instrument. In the case of theft or loss, the customer will be charged for the retail replacement value of the rented instrument. The cost of repair will be charged to the customer’s credit card automatically and an itemized invoice will be sent by Rental Instrument, LLC. to the customer. G. The customer will be responsible for the maintenance of the instrument, this includes; appropriate cleaning and care to keep the instrument in proper playing condition. If the instrument has been damaged, pieces such as: plastic, metal or brass fragments, screws, nuts, springs, tubes, corking, neck screws, or other parts associated with instrument must be provided to Rental Instrument, LLC. in order to insure proper repair, or the customer maybe billed for the full repair cost.

Rental Instrument, LLC. does not offer theft or loss coverage on any instrument.

By declining this insurance option, the customer will be held 100% responsible for any damages to, or loss of the instrument, and agrees to pay Rental Instrument, LLC. a labor rate of $75.00 per hour.

6. Rental Instrument, LLC. is not obliged to remind the customer of due date for each rental period.

7. As long as the instrument is not returned, Rental Instrument, LLC. reserves the right to continue charging the customer’s credit card until the instrument has been returned in good condition. Unless the instrument is returned, Rental Instrument, LLC. assumes a contract extension or renewal.

8. At all times, during the rental period a valid credit card must be on file. Upon renewal of the contract the customer must maintain proper payment. The customer agrees to renew the credit card used in this transaction for the length of this contract period, and any extensions or renewals.

9. If the bank declines any payment, or if the instrument has not been re-rented, purchased or returned, the customer becomes liable immediately for the total balance due on the instrument; including all reasonable costs for collection of bad accounts, including but not limited to attorney costs, court costs, collection/repossession costs, and damage to the instrument.

10. At the beginning of each rental period, pictures of the instrument, from front and back, will be taken and kept on file by Rental Instrument, LLC. to assist in determining the condition of the instrument at the time of rental UNLESS the instrument is in new condition.

11. Any shipping costs related to the rental of the instrument are the customer’s responsibility, and the customer shall secure shipping insurance up to, the full retail cost of the instrument.

12. A credit check or deposit maybe required for the renting of an instrument, which the customer, maybe asked to provide Rental Instruments, LLC. A deposit is required for all short term rentals unless otherwise specified. By my signature below, I, the customer, confirm that I have read, fully understand, and agree to all terms and conditions contained in this agreement.