Essex EUP-108C Rental

Essex Upright Pianos (Designed by Steinway & Sons)

The Essex incorporates the latest design and engineering enhancements from Steinway’s dedicated research and development team. By utilizing specially engineered materials, large-scale production techniques, and carefully selected manufacturing environments, the Essex is able to deliver a level of musical performance previously unattainable in its price range.EUP 108C Piano Rental

The Steinway-designed soundboard is tapered, rather than uniformly thick, to vibrate more freely and provide more tonal volume. Essex pianos have a Steinway-designed, all wood (no plastic) action for proven durability and heightened responsiveness and control. In addition, all Essex pianos feature a Steinway-designed pinblock, strings, plate, backposts/braces, and bridges, as well as many Steinway-specified parts and manufacture procedures. As a result, the Essex is, quite simply, the best piano available in its price range today.

The continental styling of this upright piano is at home in any décor. The contemporary design offers distinctive and stylish elegance at an affordable price.

Net Weight: 209 kg (460 lb)
Height: 108 cm (42 ½”)
Width: 147 cm (57 ¾”)
Depth: 55 cm (21 ½”)
Pinblock Laminated multi-directional Maple. Thickness: 30 mm.
Scale Designed by Steinway. 17,505 kg (38,512 lb) tension.
Soundboard Solid Spruce. Linear taper. Vibrating area: 1.16 m2 (1,794 in2)
Furniture Continental Case designed by William Faber.