At RentalInstrument.com, we take pride not only in the quality of our instruments, but in the caliber of our customers as well. In our 10 year history, we have been privileged to work with orchestra directors and heads of music departments at elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges, as well as renowned concert musicians, music teachers, and of course, parents and students of every age. Here are some of the kind words that some of them have shared with us.

Our School was invited to play the Orchestra World Cup we needed 19 instruments in total. The customer service was very thorough in the ordering process. The purple truck was on time and delivery went smoothly and they even sent an extra cello, package of strings and an extra bass just in case The delivery driver made the transfer of the instruments to the hotel for rehearsals easily and he was very knowledgeable about the instruments. The high quality of the instruments played a role in the overall sound for the orchestra to achieve their best performance and we came in second place in the event.

Suzi Erickson-Denver School of Arts

I wanted to thank you for your help in securing the instrument for my performance. It was a pro level bass, beautiful tone and perfect for the music I play. Ken was right on time with the delivery and very helpful. It was a pleasure doing business with you. It’s nice to work with people you can depend on.

Mike Snelling

We rented a flute for my daughter through rental instrument and they were able to mail it to my home and at the end of the school year we mailed it back. It was so easy to rent online, Jen helped us and made sure to call us when our instrument was received.

Christie SalernoParent

When my son’s Clarinet was broken during rehearsal the kind team at Rental Instrument gave us a loaner for the concert which was an hour later. The performance was great and we were so glad we had purchased insurance for the school year.

Ilana EscandonParent

Both of my children were part of the Greenwich alliance and we had our rentals insured so when we needed a flute repair it was covered. We have 4 kids so we really appreciated the help picking up our repair it went above and beyond what we expected, thank you!

Neva MootabarParent

Mr. Kuo:

I just wanted to drop a note to thank-you for your instrument rental program.  My son, Sean Parker recently performed in the Middle School Honors Performance at Carnegie Hall in June and thoroughly enjoyed playing the cello we rented from Rentalinstruments. Your service was great as well.

Sean is in the beginning stages of looking for a new cello and we had some questions regarding the cello he played. He found the cello to be in his words “easy to play” and dynamically “quicker” in getting to higher positions. I believe you said it was one of your Silver label (Stradivarius type) cellos and if you recall you were able to provide a carbon fiber bow for him to try which he also enjoyed. What is the price range of this type of cello and where was it made? He currently plays a Chinese (DMC) instrument with basic Cirilo half lined Pernumbuco bow.  Perfectly serviceable but he did notice a difference with your instrument.

Thanks for your help!

Rob ParkerParent

While in NYC I was presented with the opportunity to play for some folks from Carnegie Hall and the Opus 118 Harlem School of Music. I really needed a quality cello to play on and the Connecticut School of Music came through with flying colors! They let me use a fabulous cello that had a beautiful tone, great sound and it was easy to get around on. Many thanks to Ken Kuo!

Kathy RadEducation DirectorTulsa Symphony Orchestra

As the first place winner of American Protégé, I was invited to play at Carnegie Hall in December 2012. I rented the “Silver Label – Stradivarius” from Mr. Kuo, and I was extremely happy with the cello. The model Stradivarius has a warm, loud, rich, wide, and dynamic sound that resonated beautifully in Carnegie Hall. Each string has an equally vibrant and strong tone as well.

Furthermore, Mr. Kuo provided the best possible service and was always there to help when I needed it. I definitely recommend this cello to any cellist who is in need of it – both Mr. Kuo’s service and the cello were impeccable!

Christina C.First Place WinnerAmerican Protégé

I have been very pleased with the instruments you have provided for my students. They are far superior to the instruments that we have been playing previously and they have made much progress since switching instruments. They’re enjoying practicing because the cellos sound so good! Thank you!!!!!

Elizabeth MeansConcert Cellist and TeacherSuzuki Music School of Westport, School for Strings in NYC

I am quite pleased with the quality of the instruments that RentalInstrument.com offers. It is difficult to learn when the instrument is fighting you. Ken brings a player’s knowledge to everything from choosing great instruments to careful set up and the choice of strings. My students love playing his instruments – Bravo!

Marc SchmiedM.M. from Juilliard, Double Bass Teacher, Member of Manhattan Chamber Orchestra

During the past several years, we’ve rented a number of instruments, and I have to say that both of these cellos are easily the best-sounding instruments they’ve played to date. Lucas’ three-quarter size is especially impressive, and just seems to sound better as time passes.

I know that having instruments of this quality has enriched hi playing experience. I can’t wait to hear the full-size model when Lucas is ready for it.

Randy YoungParent

Matt’s new viola is great. The tone is much better than his previous rental. He sounds better, and it has encouraged him to practice and play more. He especially loves the case because he can carry it like a backpack.

They have a great selection of instruments. Faculty and staff members were very helpful and service was excellent.

Tracy FlanneryParent

In the Collegiate School Music Department, we believe that we are in a special relationship with Rentalinstrument.com. It feels as if they are partners with us in helping our students make music. They supply us with excellent instruments, and they listen to and are responsive to our needs. They provide us with a level of service and support that we hadn’t imagined possible. It is a pleasure having them on our team!

Don SorelHead of the Music DepartmentCollegiate School

Caroline loves her violin. Having rented other violins in the past, the quality of this one is superior, the tone is richer, and the violin itself is so beautiful. The case is much easier to carry too.

There is no hassle renting a violin. It is a much better investment than other places where we have rented.

Sharon FongParent

My own son, Mazwi has been very happy with his viola and the richness of its tone has been a strong motivator for him to practice. The parents and students at Sound Crossing Studio appreciate the convenience of having the instruments delivered right here to our school as well the affordability of your instruments. It is a benefit for our students and teachers alike to have children playing music on great sounding instruments!

Amy CeleDirectorSound Crossing Studio, LLC

I was new this year to the school and was overwhelmed with the instruments we had for student use, or lack of use. We had many unusable instruments and not enough instruments.

We are a Title One school and many students are on free and reduced lunch, which means the school loans them instruments because they are financially unable to afford one on their own. I basically had more students than instruments. I called Ken and asked for his help, he stopped by and we discussed what I needed. Ken and his company repaired four cellos for us, gave us two cellos, and repaired many violins/violas. They also supplied us with violins/violas for my free & reduced students, free of charge! We received many supplies as well from his school such as: rosin, rock stops, strings and other essential materials. Without their help my school wouldn’t have been able to produce our concerts or have any working instruments. There would also be students that wouldn’t be able to participate in our program. Since working with Ken, my orchestra has expanded and more students are taking advantage of music lessons.

Currently they are repairing 10 more of my instruments. Without them the instruments would be sitting unusable on the shelf. They are time efficient and have professional skills. I trust them with my instruments. This great organization not only does repairs and supplies my school with instruments but they give private lessons as well; the students who take lessons at their school are model players in my orchestra!

This is an amazing company that has literally changed my schools’ music community. They put working instruments in my students’ hands and teach them to be proficient in their own music performance. Please support this company, for they support our schools, students, teachers and music education!

Thank you!

Orchestra DirectorLocal School in Connecticut